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HEADDESK [Jun. 13th, 2006|09:39 am]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

There is this REALLY cute Azone doll that I want on eBay right now. The price isn't bad if it stays where it is. She's so adorable! *headdesk* I don't have any Azone dolls, or any anime-style dolls (aside from a couple Sailormoon World dolls), and I know it sounds a little bit like an otaku, but I'd love to own one. I want to have a doll I can dress up in maid fashion and lolita and have her look cute and not embarrassed (Miyu absolutely hated being compared to Ogura Yuko, and I know the other momokos would all attack me at night if I tried to put them in a bunny girl suit or maid outfit). It's too bad she's not being sold with her outfit, because it was equally cute.

Ahhh. Wish me luck.
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Blythe Angel Plaza fashions [May. 5th, 2006|07:19 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

My Blythe Angel Plaza outfits came today <33333333333 And I was right - the clothes really DO make the doll! I finally feel that my Nana project is complete, although I would like to straighten the ends of her hair again...will probably do it like you press flowers, but I can't say for sure yet. I'm a creative person, I'll come up with something.

Anyway, I've got some pictures of Osaki Nana and Asami behind the cut, so please look. <3

Can you keep a secret?Collapse )

I mentioned in a previous post that the Petworks body is "mannish", and I wasn't really too satisfied with it. I thought perhaps putting some clothing on it would change this, and it did. But the animal-print jacket doesn't come up all the way on the doll for her to pose, move her arms, or even really sit right. I'm now seriously considering exchanging her PW body for a Sekiguchi one, but I need to find the right skin tone to match. Most of the Seki bodies I have (or have seen online) all have a light peachy coloration to them, but Goth Girl's is just a tad paler, like peach with the sliiiiightest hint of gray. And I do mean slight, as in mind trick.

I'm hoping I can find someone willing to trade their Seki body for a PW one, but I'd like some money at the same time. Is this unreasonable? After all, this is an expensive PW body (o_o) compared to the cheaper Seki bodies. It wouldn't be a fair trade on my end.
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Profile pictures [Apr. 23rd, 2006|05:25 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

I've updated quite a few of the profile pictures in the "owned: momoko DOLL" post. \:D/
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Contemplating: more cutting? [Apr. 10th, 2006|02:06 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

[music |中ノ森BAND - Whatever]

Remember when I said because of Goth Girl's rooting, it's difficult to style the hair like Nana? This is a rough drawing of what her root job is like:

This is the back of her head. The white dots indicate where the hair comes out. I know I've missed a few spots, but the ones I am focusing on are the ones at the bottom. These are the ones that, when her hair was up in its original style, remained that way after straightening - pointing up. I'm positive this is what causes her hair to stick out and look thicker than it should be. I want to cut off some of it, but it basically connects to the parts that she needs to have. I wonder how I'd go about this? Or where to cut? Yargh.
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Straightening Goth Girl's hair: Part 2 - Styling [Apr. 9th, 2006|06:12 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

[music |中ノ森BAND - サテライト]

This long and tedious process involved cutting Nana's hair. I don't have any real steps for this process, but I'll do my best to describe.

Items needed in part 2:
- Very sharp scissors
- A good spot for your doll to be accessed easily
- A trash bag and/or vacuum
- Doll brush

Here's what I did.Collapse )

Next project: Tattooing Nana's arm. Tips?
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Straightening Goth Girl's hair: Part 1 [Apr. 8th, 2006|04:29 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

[music |Kyushima Misachi - Namae no Nai Hoshi]

Goal/process: Straighten the Petworks momoko DOLL "Goth Girl"'s hair and cut it to look like Osaki Nana from the manga NANA.
In other words... Make the doll in picture 1 look like picture 2.


Why? Tommy posted a picture of her customized Goth Girl on Go Go Momoko and I immediately knew it was Osaki Nana, co-star of the insanely popular manga/movie/anime "NANA". I'm a huge fan of this franchise and love the character Nana. I knew I had to make one of my own. Tommy, your Nana was the inspiration for this project. You've also helped me out immensely throughout the transformation. Thank you.

Items needed in part 1:
- A container or cup (for water)
- A clothes-iron
- Doll comb
- Liquid fabric softener or hair conditioner
- Plastic wrap
- Washcloth
- Patience!

- Chopstick
- Stove/microwave
- Rubberbands

Here's what I did.Collapse )
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Waiting For Arrival: momoko DOLL [Nov. 7th, 2005|10:32 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

Nobody at the moment! D=
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Owned: momoko DOLL [Nov. 6th, 2005|07:09 pm]
Dolls Vox - Wapiko's doll journal

Lazy AfternoonCollapse )

Pure VioletCollapse )

School Girl MixCollapse )

Oyasumi Sakuranbo PWCollapse )

Wild & Sexy TuneCollapse )

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